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Reach and Teach

Reach and Teach is an evangelistic ministry of SBBC, led by Raymond and Alieta (field ambassadors of SIM South Africa). They run various courses during the year, including Christianity Explored, What did You Expect (a marriage course by Paul Tripp) and Lost in the Middle.

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Building on the Rock

Our Motivation

"Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practive is like a wise man who built his house on the rock." Matthew 7:24

Our Purpose

To encourage believers to live in a life-transforming and joy-filled relationship with Jesus Christ, for the glory of God and the good of the local church. David Jackman, former President of The Proclamation Trust says: “Christians all know that who Jesus is and what He came to accomplish through his death and resurrection lie at the heart of the Christian faith. But what do these blessings (of salvation) actually mean in our present lives? And why does it seem so difficult to access them and enjoy them? Authored by Gillian Clegg, ‘Building on the Rock’ is a wonderful biblical tool to help us understand what it means to be ‘in Christ’ and how we can experience his transforming power in all life’s changes and challenges.”

Our Approach

Our approach is to teach believers what it means for them to be ‘in Christ’, and to examine their lives in the light of biblical truth. Course members are gently encouraged to invite the grace of God into areas of personal struggle and to allow the Holy Spirit to convict them of the need for change. As the gospel is applied more widely and deeply than before, and the barriers of sin and bondage, pain and condemnation are prayerfully brought to the cross, greater forgiveness, freedom, healing and victory will be experienced ‘in Christ’.

Who will benefit

This ministry can help any believer who desires to grow in their personal relationship with Jesus but struggles with painful relationships, habitual sin patterns and unbelief. It is suitable both for Christians who have walked with Christ for many years, as well as the younger disciple. It is also extremely helpful for those already involved in ministry, who are looking for an effective biblical tool to help others.

Workshop series 2019

The series of workshops is held at St Barnabas Bible Church, Wynberg on the first Saturday of every month, beginning on 2nd February 2019. Workshops run from 9.00 to 11.30am and cover such topics as Identity, Wounds, Sinful Reactions, Spiritual Warfare, and Bondage. Personal workbooks are available for the cost of R50. Places are limited and given on a strictly first come, first served basis.

To apply, please contact Gillian Clegg (

Testimonies from previous workshops:

I was taught through ‘Building on the Rock’ to examine my life and to apply biblical truths to my pain and sinful behaviour patterns. I learned how to forgive those who have hurt me and live in full surrender to Jesus.”

“I only discovered what true freedom ‘in Christ’ is when I attended a ‘Building on the Rock’ workshop.

“I will definitely consider going again on a ‘Building on the Rock’ workshop. It was probably the best weekend away that I have ever been on and life changing!”

"(I found) Healing and restoration and freedom using the Word - Jesus being the Healer and Deliverer."

"Awesome! Jesus is our Safe Place. We are in the process of walking out our new identity 'in Christ'. He is our Safe Place."

"I learnt to trust in Him, not in man or man's opinion but to trust His Truth!"

"It's been a revelation to me of WHO Jesus is and how central He is to my very existence. I now realise I can't survive without really knowing Him."

Ministry in Africa

“After this I looked and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and in front of the Lamb.” (Revelation 7:9)

This verse perfectly captures the sense of wonder and delight we feel on Sunday mornings as brothers and sisters from South Sudan, Malawi, Uganda, Ghana, Congo, Kenya, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and the UK gather as a church family! Only the unseen hand of our great God could have done this.

“This church’s contribution to Gospel ministry in Africa continues to positively impact students from across Africa, who need a church where the Gospel is clearly preached and whose commitment to and understanding of African culture in the context of the Biblical story is respected.” Rev. Canon Dr Alfred Sebahene. Dean of Students, Faculty of Theology, St John’s University, Dodoma, Tanzania.

“I attended SBBC from 2013 to 2015 while completing my BTh at George Whitefield College (GWC). By God's grace, my ministry in Malawi has been supported by SBBC in the form of prayer, encouragement and kindness. SBBC has been faithful and kind enough to share with me the little they have to address my transport costs every month, without which it would have been impossible to travel the 20km to where I preach every Sunday. So the partnership between SBBC and my ministry in Malawi has had a tremendous Gospel impact. I started with 5 families in 2016 but now there are more than 20 families in the church. This has been possible due to consistently preaching the Word. This means that although SBBC is not physically present in Malawi, her ministry impact is visibly seen through the harvest of many souls to Christ.” Innocent Wachimwa. Pastor of Likulu Zambezi Evangelical Church in Malawi.

I attended SBBC in 2017 while I spent a year studying at GWC. SBBC is the first main supporter to help me found Genesis Academy (nursery and children's home) and I will be looking to them for help directing my ministry. This partnership will help to facilitate quality education with a Christian worldview for many children in my area. There is also a chance to start St Barnabas Church in Northern Uganda.” Jimmy Robinson Kidega. Founder of Genesis Academy, Padibe in Northern Uganda.


Singing is a gracious gift of God, helping us to bridge the gap from knowledge to savouring the truth. Although Christians are to worship God in every area of their lives, singing praises to God is one of the ways we can thank Him for His grace and mercy, point one another to the abundant truths of the Bible and respond to the way these truths impact our lives.

Our passion to see Christians singing wholeheartedly to the Lord and musicians making the most of their gifts has led us to run a series of workshops entitled Sing a New Song. Workshops for the congregation are centred around examining God’s Word as it relates to our sung praises, navigating areas of struggle and confusion, celebrating how music brings us together across cultural differences and encouraging one another to sing! Music team workshops are used to help us refine our craft so that we can better support the singing of the gathered people of God.

Young Adults

Our young adults group meets on Wednesday evenings to work through questions based on the passage that was preached the previous week and to pray together. We also host special events on Friday evenings once a term to help young people grapple with what the Bible says about topics like the future, relationships, freedom, culture and missions.

Kingdom Kids

We believe that God has revealed himself in His Word, the Bible, and that it’s through the faithful teaching of this Word and the working of the Holy Spirit that adults as well as children come to know God through faith in Jesus Christ. The Bible is also where we learn how to live lives that bring God glory. For this reason, the Bible is at the centre of our Kingdom Kids programme at SBBC because we want to see children grow up to love God and the gospel.

We believe that all of Scripture "is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.” (2 Timothy 3:16-17) So we aim to teach the true meaning of each passage in its proper context, but in a way which is comprehensible and relevant for children of various ages. On most Sundays, there will be an activity related to the lesson which the children can take home and which parents can use to help reinforce truths and applications from the lesson during the week.